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Why social proof matters

Convicing prospects to buy or use something is hard. Some, like Seth Godin, even say it is impossible.

Tell me what your ideal customer believes, at the most emotional and primordial level, and then you can tell me the story you’ll craft and live and deliver that engages with that belief.

Worldview and stories

So how do you get someone to trust you to download your app, try your product or subscribe to your content? Well, one the many great overrides is social proof coined by Robert Caldini in ’84. An old concept but it stuck. And for good reason, it’s super effective.

A whopping 61% of customers read online reviews before choosing to buy a product or service.

A new way to leverage CRM Data, Email and Chat

The benefits of sharing real testimonials frequently are appealing:

  • Better conversion rates on websites and emails
  • Always fresh; new features, new testimonials
  • Credible; using the language of your customer is more authentic than marketing speak
From feedback to shareable testimonial

So how would this work?

In the context of building my own product Pliik this got me thinking about the implications of making better use of our feedback database. What if:

  • Real feedback from sales and support could be shared instantly as testimonials (pick a quote from a shortlist and send it to the world)
  • Testimonials could be shared anywhere in Emails, Chat, Messages, on Twitter, Linkedin, Webflow, WordPress…
  • Customer approval is automated – Friction could be removed in obtaining it
  • Designing it would be a breeze – beautiful presets, customized on-brand design
  • Weekly suggestions for new testimonials are provided based on how effective they are.

A testimonial database that’s connected to sales and customer support data.

What Pliik already does

What Pliik already does is aggregate/collate user data from CRMs, Email and Chat. Since all data is automatically indexed, labeled and ranked by sentiment, shortlisting statements for testimonials is practically taken care of.

What’s still missing?

Now for the output. A few things are probably in the way of working with testimonials more frequently.

  • Approval is a big one. Emailing customers to ask for their permission can be time consuming.
  • Design, making testimonials look nice is extra work but nessecary if you want to share it. Adding nice templates, brands, logos, colors & custom css.
  • Share options, embeds, plugins, previews etc.

Should this exist?

Let me know what you think. Should this product/feature exist?

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