Import HubSpot Data in Pliik

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Why import your data?

You may have just connected your HubSpot or other account with Pliik and are seeing some but not all of your account data analyzed in Pliik?

If you are interested to analyze and index past user feedback into your feedback database on Pliik, you have come to the right place.

On this page we offer a solution to import all your conversational data, either directly from HubSpot or any other source you’d like.

Importing HubSpot data

We currently offer one-time imports for up to 5000 messages (engagements in HubSpot speak), to our early adopters. Please reach out via the Intercom chat (bottom right inside Pliik), where either Jonas or Justin will get your import process going.

Importing from other data sources

As long as you can save your data in CSV format, you can import data yourself via Zapier. The import process is described in a step-by-step guide here.

How does it work?

Irrespective of the method you chose to import your data once the import is started, each message gets analyzed and labeled based on important topics and sentiment (was it a positive or negative message). Relevant sentences are stored in the database and new contacts are added to your contact list.

Ideas, feedback or more help?

Let us know what you think, connect with us either via the on-page chat or on Twitter @pliikapp

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